Green areas dear to residents as well as valuable cultural and historical environments must be protected from construction. Helsinki must be planned on the terms of the inhabitants, sustainably and with the environment in mind. Helsinki’s development based on the idea of ​​unlimited growth must be changed in a more realistic direction, and planning must be based on up-to-date and comprehensive research data. It requires bringing a new kind of thinking to the city’s decision-making.

Environmental movement Helsinki

The environmental movement Helsinki is a new movement founded by residents and experts, whose members are concerned about the uncontrolled construction of Helsinki. Our candidates represent a wide range of Helsinki’s various districts, as well as expertise from architecture and healthcare to education, culture and entrepreneurship. 

Helsinki is an exceptionally fine city, also internationally. Let’s keep it that way for our children too!

Come and save our beloved city with us!

You can work in many ways in the Environmental Movement – as a supporter, expert, candidate. Come and defend Helsinki’s nature and cultural environment!

Vote in municipal elections and make a difference!